Small apartment furniture: Tips for a better place to live!

Furniture for small apartment

Before you decide to move out of your cramped apartment think twice cause we have a solution to your problem. All you need to do is to reorganize it to make it look more spacious with the help of furniture for small apartment and decorative elements that will make your space visually larger. There is no use in crying until you use every inch of it. In the following text we present you a few tips:

Optical illusions in small apartments

First things first, pick the right materials and bring a breath of freedom into your home. Change robust doors or partition walls with the ones made of glass. You can always choose sand glass doors if you don’t like them being pellucid. This applies to the walls too.

And now colors: Try to use bright shades that would lighten up the room and the atmosphere. If you have wallpaper, see the design. Bright colors and plain decorations are very helpful. If your walls could talk, they would thank you.

When talking about bathroom use as little tiles as possible. The mosaic bathroom is also a nice design pattern. Don’t you think? Next, wall tiles shouldn’t cover everything except the top and they should never match with floor tiles. Rule of the thumb is that mirrors make space look bigger. Plus, you can always admire yourself in them.

Now we are getting serious. Use as much space as you can as a storage room. Free space of course. Built-in cabinets can be very useful. A brilliant place to put away your suitcases, sports equipment etc. Interior organization can save you a lot of space and that’s why there are cabinet shutter doors. Another very smart thing to have – wide-angle hinges. With these stacking clothes it will be way too easier. Also, it would be great if you had drawers that can be opened completely and not just to a certain extent.

Entrance hall

The entrance hall is usually small but we’ll tell you a secret. Three words – wall showcased designs in the lobby. The ideal would be that each member of one household can put at least one coat and distribute one pair of shoes without taking up much space. When planning your wardrobe, you should also count on visitors but don’t worry. We have an alternative. Use either stand-up coat rack or special hooks.

Small apartment living room ideas

Create space as much as you can. How? That’s easy at least. Connect the living room with the kitchen or take some space away from other rooms. Take the furniture that will meet all your needs. Foldable seating sets and dining tables, as well as lift top table with hidden compartment, are genius for this purpose. It’s good to have foldable chairs in mini apartments as well as a lot of furniture with wheels so that you could move them around more easily.

Eating space and kitchen in a small apartment

Tidying up the kitchen in a small apartment is always a compromise. Yeah, it’s a drag but what can you do?  Determine what is necessary to have and what isn’t.  Ergonomic rules are very important. They will preserve safety when cooking (providing that you know how to cook and you don’t set the kitchen on fire) so don’t forget them.

A fridge and a food storage cabinet should be close to the front door so that the food can be quickly removed. The cooking and washing equipment should be separated. It would be smart to have at least 11,81 inches of work surface for the dishes.

The interior design of the cabinets will save additional storage space. If you want a smaller table you can use the foldable kitchen table. This foldable furniture is real saviors, aren’t they? In many cases, a smaller bar counter is also practical and it is nice.

Bathroom remodel ideas for small spaces

These are the smallest so be careful. There are collections of the items with minimal dimensions that nevertheless enable full comfort. Bathtub can have a narrowing part or a part of the bottom that looks like a shower, with a non-slip surface. Washbasins also have a compressed shape. The necessary space can be achieved by connecting the bathroom with the toilet. If you haven’t heard of a wall toilet we’re glad to be the first to mention it to you.

Small bedroom decorating ideas

Sleep is of the great importance cause it affects mood and your appearance. In the case sofa is designed for sleeping every night, choose one that has a proper backing and the appropriate sleeping mattress. If you sleep upstairs you have to keep in mind that it is much warmer there. Neither those suffering from allergies nor asthma are advised to sleep on the top. That is why there must be enough space above the one who sleeps on the upper level. I suppose this talk made you sleepy. If so I suggest you go and roll into your bedsheets.

Sweet dreams!

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