Shelf for flat screen TV – Best tips for 2020.

There are a few pieces of furniture that you can’t have a living room without. What does come to your mind first? A sofa, a club table or a TV shelf. If a TV shelf first crossed your mind, you are right. A sofa with armchairs and a club table are the centerpieces of a living room, and a TV shelf is there to round up the whole area.

Many years ago TV shelves were enormous, for a simple reason that TV’s were enormous. But now they are more sophisticated, smaller, minimalistic, and today they are all shelves for flat screen TV in all a modern piece of furniture.

Also, they are not explicitly made for the living room, they are so versatile that you can easily incorporate them into your bedroom, your kids’ room, or even your kitchen, if you like watching your favorite shows while preparing lunch.

When choosing a shelf for under flat screen TV there are some things that you need to pay attention to, and also when you are positioning it in your room. Take special care if you plan to watch TV with family and friends. So, we have prepared for you some advice that will be useful to you if you are planning on buying a new TV shelf soon.

What you should know before choosing between shelves for flat screen TV?

  • Never buy a TV shelf if you don’t already have a TV. This may sound funny, but you may fall in love with a shelf and you buy it, but you end up with one where you can’t fit your desired TV.
  • Before you head out shopping, whether to a store or online, you need to measure your TV. Or if you really want to buy a shelf and you still don’t own a TV, be sure to check the measurements of your desired TV before completing the purchase.
  • Always think about the rest of your room, where your shelf will be. You need to incorporate the shelf with the rest of your furniture, so be sure to choose one that will look good with other pieces.
  • If you want a simple shelf that will only hold your TV, go for it. But if you plan on storing other things around your beloved TV, think twice before buying. Think about what other things you would like to place on that shelf, are those books, magazines, frames with photographs, various decorative accessories, consoles, stereo, and choose one that can accommodate all those things.
  • Think about where do you want to place your new shelf, and think about how it would look. Now, do some more measuring. This is important because you don’t want to come home with a TV shelf that is too big and that can’t fit on your wall. Or with one that is too small, and simply doesn’t look good on a big wall.

What kind of shelves for flat screen TV are there?

There are as many kinds of shelves as you can imagine, and everything you imagine is real. Today designers have gone a step further and managed to revamp those old boring TV shelves and make something more interesting and eye-pleasing. A good shelf can be that special touch that your room needs, and we are certain that you will manage to find something that will best suit your needs as a TV shelf adequate for particular needs and circumstances.

Oval shaped TV shelves

These shelves can brighten up your living area and make your room look fresh and new. They are great if you are looking for something unusual and that can’t be seen in almost every house. Oval shaped TV shelves are fairly simple, but they stand out.

The TV is positioned on a simple shelf and around it is placed a circle made out of sturdy material. It’s modern, it’s fresh, and it’s not boring.

And what’s most important is that it can fit great in a room where there isn’t too much space.

TV shelves with cabinets

If you have enough space in front of the wall, but you also want to use that space smartly, then you should choose a TV shelf with cabinets.

They are multifunctional and besides holding your TV, you can store books, discs, magazines, or anything that you like. Some are with open cabinets where you can also place some decorative accessories, like candles, vases, figurines, frames with photographs, and your sweet memories.

Others are with closed cabinets where you can put whatever you want, especially those things that you don’t know where to put. And some come with combined cabinets, which is the best option you can get.

TV shelves for smaller spaces

If you don’t have enough space, don’t be afraid because there is a solution for you. Special shelves are designed for smaller spaces and most of them even have good enough space for storing.

The TV is placed on a sturdy stand and below are small shelves, where you can place your DVD player, your favorite movies, or your console and your most played games.

These shelves are the best option for those who move a lot because they are lightweight and portable.

TV stands

While some rooms are so big that you can fit a huge shelf, others are so small that even a small TV shelf can’t be placed, and that’s when TV stands come in.

They don’t have extra shelves and place for storage, but your TV can easily be placed on it, and you can put it in any corner of your room.

This is also perfect if you love to change things up often, and you often redecorate your room, so you don’t want to fix the TV on a wall. This way you can move your TV around the room, or even around the house, and they are also good for outdoor balconies.

Should you choose modern or classical shelf for flat screen TV?

There are so many different designs available that sometimes it can get a bit confusing when you need to choose between shelves for flat screen TV. There are classical and simple ones, there are also modern looking ones. You can also find minimalistic design shelves with a pinch of industrial design style. Some shelves look like they are from the 70s, with their retro vibe, and others look like they come from the future, with a futuristic twist.

Whatever you decide to buy try to choose something that will go well with the rest of your room, your furniture, and your overall style. You can always mix and match, and make it a bit more interesting with some non typical materials or colors. Let your imagination work, and as a result, you will have a beautiful TV shelf that will both be useful and it will decorate your room.

If you are not sure, choose the simplest one shelf for a flat TV

Or if you rather not think too much, choose between the most practical and simple shelves for flat screen tv.

And finally, what you should do when you buy a TV shelf?

  • Of course, you first need to install it. That shouldn’t be a problem, but you need to think about a few things.
  • You should never position your TV shelf opposite a window, because the light will reflect on your TV, and the whole experience would be ruined.
  • Place the shelf next to a window, so that there is not direct sunlight facing the TV.
  • Always place the shelf in front of your sofa or the sectional, so you can enjoy the comfort of it while watching your favorite show.
  • The TV must be in line with your sight while you are sitting because that way you will have the best watching experience.
  • For every thing to look picture perfect the cables should always be tucked away and out of sight.

Whatever you choose in the end it is important that you like it, because you are going to look at it every day. And if you like it we are certain that you will enjoy your little home theatre sanctuary.

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