Wardrobes and closets with mirrors: Larger and contemporary look

There is something in the mirrors. The desire to enjoy in our reflection and admire ourselves. The mirror thus entered the parlors and living rooms as a basic element. It was also a reflection of the class to which this family belongs.

This was later made available to everyone and did not constitute a criterion for class differentiation. Today it is inconceivable that some household does not have a mirror.

If you want to know more and how to pick and place them in space, go check our article about mirrors.

If you are already familiar with the mentioned article, you are ready to read further.

Closets with mirrors

In every home, closets are an indispensable piece of furniture. Depending on the surface of the room, they can be custom-built and desired, up to the ceiling, or slightly lower, but what makes them special what they can accomplish with their layout, are closets with mirrors, which will magnify any space visually regardless of the square footage.

Another way that is becoming more popular is to buy a walk-in closet that has a mirror. It is mostly installed on the first door. This way you get two elements in one, and space for your clothes and the place where you can see your new outfits.

Modern wardrobes with mirrors

A modern wardrobe with mirrors creates the illusion of more space, but also reflects sunlight and creates a sense of depth in the room. The door mirror closet is ideal for small and dark interiors. Other benefits to remember are a sense of dynamism and grandeur. This is a great way to decorate a closet and increase living space.

Fitting a wardrobe with door mirrors creates an undeniably clean, modern look. The only rule is that the door is not limited by the heavy metal frame.

Mirrored closets in the bedrooms

The mirrored closet in the bedroom creates a sense of spaciousness and a peaceful atmosphere. This is especially important for small rooms. Wardrobes with mirrors can be especially important in small rooms because they provide a contemporary and visually larger room look. If there are floral wallpapers in the room, the result in combination with a mirror cabinet is elegant and charming.

If you want to see the world in pink or in any other shade use color mirrors. You can buy finished (colored masses), but their color palette is limited, the most common colors are red, bronze, blue, gray, black. You can buy the foil to be glued over your favorite mirror in the room.

Mirrors under the stairs

The unused space under the stairs is often referred to as the “dead zone”. If you make a closet under the stairs you will use every space in the house. Make a door out of a mirror and instantly kill two flies with one blow. First, you will increase the space visually, and second, make the most of the space to store your clothes.

We hope we helped you with this article and that you have learned something new about how to refine and expand the space with closets mirrors.

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