Mirror for your space: How to pick the best?

The mirror is a perfect accessorize to every room, and you should consider having one if you are renovating or decorating your home. Every space will look larger if you put one in it. This is the first rule when it comes to space increase.

It is a multi-purpose decorative element because it successfully fits into all styles of decoration and goes with all colors. The position of the mirror in the space is crucial to achieving additional brightness and illumination of the space.

Mirrors are multifunctional because they have practical and decorative character, and at the same time can give a space light and special depth.

There are numerous ways how to style and pick a perfect one to your space. You can even put different shapes and designs of mirrors in every room, or you can just put a mirror in a simple frame. Such decoration can be an interesting detail in the living room above the seating area or in the lobby to follow the staircase line.

The importance of mirror size

Do not place small mirrors on a large wall because you do not achieve the effect you want due to the disproportionate ratio of the dimensions of the mirror to the wall.

Large mirrors that cover the ceiling or part of the wall give the room a special dimension and depth, which results in the effect of a larger room due to the reflection of a much larger amount of light.

If possible, it would be best to place one larger mirror of interesting design and form on one wall of the room. Do not place a small one on a large wall as it will not affect. If you just want smaller size mirrors on the wall, put more pieces in the layout as if you were making a gallery wall.

An interesting combination of smaller framed mirrors, of different sizes and shapes, in an informal layout, so that they reflect some interesting detail, can be an interesting decoration on the wall of any room. Such mirrors are not functional because they break your reflection in the mirror and do not give a real image when viewed. Therefore they have no practical purpose but only a decorative purpose.

The standard dimension mirror is usually set at eye level so that you can look in all directions without breaking the reflection in the mirror. Do not place it too high. If you are installing a large size mirror then there is no restriction on placement, you can place it at a height that is proportional to the dimensions of the wall.

Frames for mirrors

Today you have a huge selection of frames in the market, in various patterns and materials, from simple reduced shapes, through glamorous stainless steel to gold-colored castles.

It is best to buy a mirror that reflects your style, do not buy a mirror in an attractive frame just because it is trendy.

World-renowned mirror designers believe that you never have enough mirrors in your home. So, if you put in a lot of mirrors, know that you are not wrong. Using modern frames of unusual mirror shapes, they represent true framed art.

The mirror should have its frame, if it does not have an edge, they should be well treated with the grinding method so as not to cut on them.

If you hang a mirror in a room, you’ll be adding a basic accessory and necessity. Whether it’s a hallway or grand ballroom, baby’s room or bathroom, the addition of a mirror adds beauty to the space and makes it feel more open or spacious.

By Coral Nafie, thespruce.com

In the following article, we write tips and tricks where to place a mirror in different rooms.

Sitting room

In the sitting room, you can place a mirror above the fireplace if you have it as a decoration with a fine frame or on a part of the wall opposite the window. By adding a large mirror in the living room facing the courtyard, which reflects the greenery of the plants, you can greatly increase the space and make the home look natural.


In the lobby, the basic function of mirrors is to have a complete look of ourselves before leaving the house, for this reason, larger mirrors are usually placed here, which can stand-alone or as part of the lobby furniture.


In the bedroom, you can place it above the headboard of the double bed, on the front of the closet, in the toilet table or on the ceiling.

Dining room

In the dining room, you can place a larger mirror above the dining room cabinet next to the display cabinet, which with the sparkle of candles and central lighting gives a special effect and a romantic glow during dinner.

Children’s room

In the children’s room, you can place the mirror on the door, front or inside the closet. Make sure that the child’s mirror is not distracting from learning and that it cannot break during play if the ball flies toward it.


In the bathroom, the mirror is usually placed above the sink, not too big or small, so you can tidy up and do everything about personal hygiene. With the mirror comes a bright illumination to see all the smallest details on the face.


Mirrors completely change the look of the whole space, give it a special dimension, more light. Also, a pleasant note to the ambiance and act as an interesting and valuable decoration.

Whatever shape or size you choose for your home, you will not go wrong. In the absence of space, you can attach it to a bedroom door, or closet door. This will solve the basic need for a mirror.

For stronger aesthetic and decorative impressions, it is necessary to play around with the materials and shapes of the frame, including the size of the mirror itself, and above all its position in the room, since the final effect of the refraction of space depends on it.

We hope we help you with this article if you are in doubt which mirror is the best for your home.

The main rule is simple, follow your heart and style and you cannot buy the wrong mirror.

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