Kid’s and newborn babies room decoration ideas and tips

One of the most joyful events in your life is expecting your baby to arrive in this world. Everything is new to you, and many things are changing. One of the things you need to do before your baby arrives is to prepare the nursery.

Or if you already have kids, maybe now is the right time to refresh their room, and to add something new and interesting.

Here is how to decorate the kids’ room, to choose best baby crib and decorate a baby room.

This all can be a little bit stressful if you perhaps don’t have enough space in your home, or you don’t know where to start.

As difficult as it may be, this will be a reward

That’s why we’ve gathered some advice that will help you prepare and decorate the nursery worthy of a little princess or a prince. And we also have advice on how to revive your kids’ room to suit the needs of your little ones.

What should you do if you don’t have enough space?

Having not enough space can be difficult to handle, but everything is possible, just like it’s possible to make a wonderful nursery with limited space.

If you are facing this issue there are some things that you can do, that will make the whole process easier. First of all, you should you the space you have wisely. So, first, you should make a list of the necessary things, that your baby will really need.

The most important part that you need is a crib, and you should always choose a practical one which will be the best baby crib for small space.

 Also, you’ll need a changing table, and for a small room, you should choose a small and simple one. Build everything around the crib, and add as much as you can storage space.

If you don’t have enough room for big wardrobes, use smaller ones, or just one, or use decorative boxes and baskets.

Another important part of every nursery is a comfy armchair where you can sit with your baby, or rest while your angel is sleeping.

Don’t overdo with the decorations, because you will suffocate an already small room.

Also when painting the walls don’t use bold colors, plain white walls will make the room look bigger. You can add a twist with a simple trick, and decorate the ceiling to be interesting. This can easily be done by painting pretty patterns on the ceiling, this will both give the room a special feeling and it will be interesting for your baby because that’s what your little one will be looking at.

Ideas for baby room in your home

You can decorate the room however you want. If you have enough space, you can play around with patterns, designs, interesting furniture, and materials.

There are so many options, and you don’t have to decorate the room traditionally. But you should always think about practicality. Everything that you do needs to be practical, but also good looking.

You can play with colors and paint every wall a different color, or you can paint one wall to be a different color. Pastel colors are always a great choice, they will make the room look gentle and nice.

And like we mentioned you can decorate the ceiling with interesting patterns, which can twist the whole room.

Another beautiful addition to your walls can be a strip of interesting wallpapers, but considering it’s a nursery, make sure you choose a washable wallpaper.

For a girl’s room the best color options are white, baby pink, beige, pink, purple, lilac, or even a little bit of red. And for a boy’s room, great colors are blue, white, grey, green, and also a pop of red.

You can always decorate the nursery with custom made illustrations, or with an installation made out of the baby’s name.

Bedsheet and mattress for the crib

When your baby is born it needs to be in a peaceful environment where it will feel safe and comfortable. One of the things that can ensure your baby a comfortable sleep, besides a quality crib, are bedsheets and best crib mattress for baby made out of quality material.

The bedsheets need to be comfy, warm, and pleasant to your baby’s skin. This way your baby will sleep better, it will be more cheerful and happier.

Cotton bed sheets are the best choice because the material is natural and comfortable.

And when choosing the design, you can choose whatever goes best with the theme of the nursery. You can find a variety of great designs, with vibrant colors and interesting patterns, or traditional ones that are more on the simple side, with romantic and flower patterns for your little princess.

How to decorate the kids’ room?

As your children grow their room is changing. They become aware of things and they began to show interest in certain things. When they are older they can even help you with decorating and give their ideas.

If your kid has their favorite superhero or a favorite cartoon character that can be a light motive while you are decorating. You can place pictures or illustrations of that character on the walls, you can even go beyond and do a mural of that character on a wall.

Choose the perfect bed for kids

Just like a crib is important in the nursery, a bed is important in the bedroom of your child. As it gets older it needs more space, and it’s good to buy a bigger bed so you don’t have to change it so frequently. Also when buying a bed be sure to choose the one with a good mattress, that is comfortable and will provide your child with a good night’s sleep.

Your kid will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives if you buy them a bed with a slide. It’s a fun way to change things up and to allow your child to play a little more. It will serve as a regular bed, but it will also help your little adventurer work on its motion coordination and develop a sense of space. They will love it and they will rush to sleep so that they can wake up and slide down.

These beds are great both for boys and girls, and they can serve as their little fortress. What’s worth mentioning is that these beds are safe for children, and they are secured all the way, so you don’t have to be afraid that your little one will hurt itself. And once he or she overgrows it, you can easily separate it from the bed. 

Choose the perfect bedsheet for kid’s bed

A perfect bed needs the perfect bedsheets, and your child deserves nothing less. When choosing bedsheets the main thing that you need to be aware of first is the bed and your child’s preferences. Ask them what would they want, if they are interested you can even take them shopping with you, or you can surprise them by ordering a custom made bed sheets made especially for them.

You can always tell them the whole story of why they’ve got those bedsheets. If you have a boy you can tell them that their favorite sportsman sent them those bedsheets especially because they are so proud of them and their football skills. Or if you have a little girl, you can tell them a story about how only real princesses are sleeping on bedsheets like that.

If your kid loves multiple things and changes their preferences often, maybe it would be best to get bedsheets that are neutral and that don’t have any illustrations on them. This way you will avoid buying new bedsheets every other week. Buy ones that will look good with the rest of the room, and incorporate the color with the decor.

And if you think that the plain ones are boring, you can always find some with great patterns that are interesting, but also neutral.

The selection is endless and you can find whatever you can imagine. You can find many interesting designs, colors, patterns, and materials. But probably the best available material is organic cotton because it’s natural, it’s safe for your kid and its health. Also for a good night’s sleep, the material must be comfortable and anti-allergenic.

The floor in the kids’ room

The floor in the kids’ room should be always covered with a carpet or a decorative rug. The reason for this is that your kid will be usually playing on the floor, and you want to ensure that it’s safe and that it doesn’t get hurt. Another important reason is that you don’t want your kid to be cold, so a good thick rug can solve that problem.

Again there are many designs that you can choose from to incorporate in the kids’ room. Always be sure to ask your kid for its opinion, so you don’t buy something that he or she won’t like. You can get an interesting or interactive rug that your kid can play with.

Rugs and carpets with cartoon or superhero characters are always a good idea. But you can’t go wrong with a neutral fuzzy one.

Just be sure to clean and vacuum it regularly to avoid allergies and help your kid stay healthy.

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