Small living room: Best ideas for increasing space

Everyone wants to have more space in the small living room, and one of the most common questions is how to manage that. The living room is the most visited room in the home where the householders rest and receive guests, and as such is a great challenge in decorating, especially when it comes to a smaller room.

To increase the functionality of a small living room, it is necessary to increase the free space. This is something you can accomplish with the furniture, specific wall colors, lighting and decoration.

If you want to learn 6 simple tricks on how to increase the space in the living room just continue reading this article.

First of all: Take a look at your living room

First, take a good look at your living room space and analyze your existing furniture, layout, and colors. Make a list of redundant items that unnecessarily take up space and do not have their basic function in the interior. Then choose the space for the largest pieces of furniture such as sitting area, TV shelf, and center table.

TV shelves and furniture are best placed against one another. Between them is usually set at a club table. A matching wall painting or mirror can be added to this unit as decoration. Detach the furniture from the wall to make it act as a separate unit together with the club table, do not place the furniture along the wall itself, as this does not result in a visual increase in space.

If you’ve just started thinking about decorating your house, and first on the list is your living room, you might be overwhelmed with putting all the pieces together to make a harmonious and appealing whole.

By Lauren Flanagan,

Furniture for small living room

Space is almost suffocated by superfluous and scattered things that do not have their specific purpose. Throw away unnecessary pieces of furniture that have no significant role in the living room and that you have not used in the last year, such as an old desk, bookshelves, bulky armchairs, etc.

Replace the sofa, two-seater sofa, and armchairs with smaller, narrow-edged corner furniture that will take up less space, with smaller cabinets or a bean bag for an afternoon break.

Folding furniture is also worth considering because of its mobility and the small amount of space it takes up when not in use.

The furniture design for small living room should be light in color, reduced in shape, simple in design, with straight lines to make the room look larger and the atmosphere in it comfortable.

Arrange the small living room furniture to form a regular rectangular shape to make space look neat. Keep in mind that a large number of guests can communicate easily in this area, so arrange the furniture so that it is not too far apart.

Harmonize the colors of the floors and walls in the living room

The floor should be darker than the furniture. Choose a carpet in a light shade, with a few patterns as possible, and yet it does not look monotonous. Simple carpets of lighter shades are ideal for the living room as they provide a good flow of positive energy.

The colors of the walls in a small living room should be brighter to make space look more open and airier. To get a larger room, paint the walls and ceiling with the same shade.

We recommend that you do not install wallpaper with patterns, as they can visually reduce the room, if you want to put the decoration on the wall, we suggest that you place wall stickers. You can add a darker horizontal line across the two opposite walls, thereby maximizing room size.

Shade and size of windows and doors

The windows and doors in the room should be in the same shade as the furniture. Make sure the windows are as large as possible to let in as much daylight as possible. Put curtains of lighter colors on the windows and not on the floor at all, because then they cover most of the wall and space seems smaller.

Small living room decor ideas

After installing the large furniture, you are left to beautify the space with little things. Place only one larger image or larger mirror on the wall opposite the shelves, and do not place multiple frames with pictures above, as such scattered frames will seem chaotic and as such choke the room. By fitting a mirror, you get a larger room because the light is reflected in the space by reflecting.

Decorative plants in a larger pot can be placed in a corner by the window because of the greater amount of light necessary for the plant to survive. The greenery of flowers has a positive effect on humans, so it is pleasant to have a plant in the living room.


In addition to the central lighting in the form of a chandelier, to increase the room, set up wall lighting. Indirect light will open up space. Do not install floor lighting as floor lamps emit light towards the floor, reducing the space visually.

The room should by no means seem overcrowded or half empty but comfortable and unobtrusive.

By increasing the free space, the small living room will get at its comfort so that all family members and guests can enjoy it.

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