Pillows and bed covers: Choose and place for decoration

If you thought to buy decorative pillows and bed covers solved the problem of home decor, you were fooled. There is a whole philosophy around cushion decoration and linen choices. If you make a little effort and decorate your home the right way with it, your home may look like a home decor editorial from the magazine.

The main advantages of the bed covers

Bed covers can have two roles, to serve as decoration across the bed, in the bedroom or living room, or more essential to warm us up while sleeping or relaxing on the patio with friends or with a movie. Thicker bedspreads are generally used to cover French beds, while thinner bedspreads can be used to cover them during rest.

Another advantage of the blanket is that besides being able to hide some flaws on the sofa, if they are a little older and longer used, if we make some stains, brew coffee or something similar, with the blanket is easy because it can be wash and reuse, so we save on furniture too.

Why do we put pillows in the home?

Pillows from the very beginning of existence occupy a special place in our living space. Most of them are used during sleep, sleeping pads should also be the most comfortable to get the best rest. Once upon a time, they were a privilege only for the rich, but today it is a different story, anyone can afford them either for practical or decorative purposes.

Decorative pillows
Decorative pillows: not only an aesthetic but also a very practical detail in every home

Decorative ones, whether in the bedroom, living room, children’s room, also know how to freshen up space. They can make him romantic, elegant or simply cheerful. The cushions can be colorful, monochrome, with various prints and of different fabrics, satin, silk, lace or cotton. Replacing the existing pillows with new ones will make the space different from the previous one.

In the article down below, we teach you a few tips and tricks on how to arrange decorative pillows, and how to make your house a home.

Why do you need decorative pillows?

You can achieve a whole new look for your living room or bedroom by installing decorative ones. The chaotic placement of it on the bed gives a personal touch to the entire space, making it attractive and different. Decorative cushions give you a warm effect and a cheerful note in the ambiance. Without decorative pillows, each sofa, sofa or double bed would look empty and uniform.

Decorative pillows add warmth and comfort to your home!

They are a must-have detail on a sofa or corner sofa in each living room, but also on a double bed in the bedroom. Not only do they serve as a headrest when lying down, but you can also place them behind your back to sit more properly and comfortably or sit on the floor while watching TV or playing with the little ones. Their role is significant in every home. They are also suitable for mounting on corner sets and deck chairs to enjoy during summer days on the patio or in the yard.

The position of the pillow on the bed

When you go shopping for pillows, think first of all about the dimensions of the bed they will be on because the bed and decorative pillows should be in proportion. There are no specific rules for how to arrange it on the bed. You can place it symmetrically, asymmetrically, or in loose form scattered around the bed. When installing decorative pillows of different sizes, the rule is to start with larger ones and to reduce them smaller and smaller.

For smaller sofas and beds, do not place too many comfortable accessorizes, as this will result in loss of seating space. In these cases, place two pairs of pillows in the left and right corner of the bed, one pair of larger sizes in one shade, while the other pair may have an interesting pattern of vibrant color and smaller dimensions than the previous pair behind them.

Decorative pillows combined with other decorative elements

Decorative cushions fit with monochrome furniture, whether modern or traditional design, taking into account the design of both elements. We advise against combining colorful decorative pillows with colorful furniture pieces of stuff.

If you have a set made of colorful furniture, choose decorative pillows in one color, it can be a contrasting or similar shade. It is interesting to fit a pillow pattern with details on the other end of the room, let’s say that the pillow and the part of the wall where the photo wallpaper is in the same pattern or color. These two connected elements will look beautiful in space.

Or maybe you can fit a patterned one on a tablecloth club table in the living room. It is interesting to associate the color of the cushion and the color of the carpet with everything else in the space of a similar shade.

Cushion materials and shapes

The choice of decorative pillow materials depends on the environment in which they are to be found and their uses. You can combine materials and colors following the style of furniture, you can also place models with sequins, lace, fur, wool, crystals, and fringes on the edges.

You can use satin, silk, cotton or linen, depending on your imagination and the style of the room. In the living room, choose natural materials such as rugs, cotton, and wool, and have pillowcases easily and easily removed for quicker and easier maintenance, because if you have children or a pet, you will need more frequent washing.

Decorative models of pillows are made in square, round, triangular and rectangular shapes, though you can also find interesting themed shapes like cute pets, sun, stars, clouds, etc. which are ideal for children’s rooms. Round pillows give the room a softer and warmer look, while rectangles are more practical and more usable.

We hope we help you with the tips and tricks when it comes to pillows and bed covers arranging. Happy decorating!

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