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dressing table with mirror

Women love rituals, and one of those rituals is getting ready for going out. And it’s like that for centuries now. We are not only talking about getting ready for going out to party, but we are also talking about getting ready for work, for lunch, for basic daily activities, for going out to buy groceries, getting ready for the day. Every morning routine starts in front of a vanity table and every evening routine ends in front of one.

Vanity tables for the bedroom, or if you like, dressing tables are women’s best friends since the age of time.

A dressing tables with mirrors and stools are almost always in the bedroom because that’s the most intimate part of the house. A place where you are safe and where you can peacefully enjoy your routines and rituals. It consists of a drawer, or multiple ones, where you can store all of your makeup and skincare products, a comfortable chair and of course a big mirror. 

A dressing table should be an essential part of your bedroom because you deserve a place where you can relax and enjoy the little things. Some women enjoy doing their makeup and they find a way to express their creativity in that process.

Other women just love to relax while they are applying their face masks before bedtime, and some enjoy drinking their first-morning coffee while they are applying their skincare products and getting ready for a hectic new day. The mirror needs to be big, so the whole process can be easy and stress-free.

dressing table with mirror
The last preparations for the perfect day

Whether you are trying to make a professional-looking vanity tables for makeup just like makeup artists have, or you want to build a peaceful oasis you will be able to find whatever you are looking for.

Your own special corner with dressing table with mirror

If you still don’t have your dressing table and a corner of your own, you should find the most suitable place and make yourself one. You will see how your day will change and how you will change. It may sound strange now, but having a vanity table where you can store all of your beauty products is like some kind of therapy.

That will be your special place, a place where you can also put your beloved memories, photographs, souvenirs from your travels, and your most favorite jewelry. Just looking at your small corner will bring you peace and serenity.

It doesn’t matter if you are living alone, or in a big family, something that is only yours will bring you joy. If you are living in a big family you know how mornings can be hectic when everyone wants to go to the bathroom and get ready.

Or if you are living alone and you are working from home, it would be great to have a place where you can distance yourself from work and things you usually do at home.

There is a possibility that you don’t have enough room in your bedroom, but you can find a small corner somewhere else in your house or your apartment. It’s only important that this corner is peaceful and decorated just like you want it to be.

How to organize your vanity tables for makeup?

First of all, you will have to find the perfect dressing table with mirror that will suit all your needs. This can either be a really easy task, or a bit stressful. That’s because there are so many options, and there are so many beautiful dressing tables available on the market. But the variety of options is a good thing because you will probably find something that you’ve dreamt of.

If it is possible it would be best to place your dressing table in front of a window, or near one, so you can have natural light in the morning and throughout the day.

While for your pampering routine in the evening, or for when you are getting ready to go out, and you are doing your makeup, you will need good lighting. That’s not difficult to achieve because many tables come with a big mirror that has lights incorporated.

Some tables don’t have drawers, but we advise you to buy one that has even one. Drawers are an important part of organizing your table because the more drawers you have the more things you can place in them.

When organizing things in your drawers you can buy separators that are going to make your life easier. That way you can place even more things in your table, and they are not going to mix, and are always going to be organized.

Depending on what you use the most, you can place your makeup, your skincare products, or your jewelry and hair accessories in the drawers.

On your table, you can place makeup and skincare products that you use the most and that you use on a daily base. Also, if you have enough space you can place a decorative plate where you will store the jewelry you use every day and a jewelry box for the pieces that you don’t use that often.

To decorate the table you can place a vase where you will regularly put your favorite flowers or some scented candles that you can light up to make a pleasant atmosphere. A good idea if you have enough room is to put some lovely frames with photographs of your beloved family and friends. If that seems like a lot, you can also put the frames around the table on the wall.

The design of dressing table with mirror

There are many designs available, modern tables, antique ones, romantic, girly, and they come in a variety of colors, so you can easily incorporate them in your living space.

If you are an old soul for you may be the best option would be an antique wooden table, with a dose of romance. And if you are a modern woman there are many modern designs that you will fall in love with. Some of them are even made out of sturdy plastic or plexiglass. And for those that love the industrial design, you can find vanity tables that are made out of steel and wood.

Whatever that you choose, be sure that it goes well with your living space and the room where it will be placed, and also that you love it. If you don’t love the design, that means that you will not be spending time at your dressing table or you are not going to be able to relax, and that’s the whole point.

The chair for dressing table

There isn’t a good dressing table without a good chair. Just like with the table you need to choose something that will go with the rest of your room. It doesn’t need to be a basic chair, it can be a tabouret, a comfy armchair, or a commodious chair.

With the right chair, you will feel like a princess and you will enjoy the time spent at your dressing table.

The mirror for dressing table

If a mirror doesn’t come with your table you will need to buy it separately. Some mirrors can be placed on the table, but probably the best option is to buy a large mirror that you can place on your wall. This will give you enough space on your table so that everything can be tidy and you will have a big enough mirror to do your skincare or makeup routine.

When it comes to makeup routine it’s of utmost importance to have good lighting for the evening, so you can either buy a mirror with preinstalled lights or you buy a quality lamp if you have enough space to place it on the table.

What design you’ll choose is again up to you. Round mirrors are great if you want to achieve the romantic look, rectangular ones go perfect with modern tables, and the ones without the frame will look flawlessly with the minimalistic design.

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