Comfortable mattress for a peaceful sleeping: Tips for choosing

The nicest and most rewarding thing we can afford at the end of each day, no matter how good or bad our day was, is healthy sleep. Especially after those periods when you feel exhausted and unwilling to do anything. In order to rest after such days, your mind and body must be refreshed with quality sleep on a comfortable bed made with help of the equally comfortable mattress and pillow.

What actually makes a bed particularly comfortable?

If we neglect the shape, design or material of which the bed is made, because these are matters of secondary importance, we come to the conclusion that, beside a properly selected pillow, another equally important thing is a comfortable and quality mattress that will give you complete relaxation. It is the only way to prepare for the next day and your daily routine.

Comfortable sleeping helps you to keep yourself healthy and fresh

It is important to know that sleeping on a mattress that is not of the proper quality or that is too long in use can cause uncomfortable neck pain and severe headaches that are caused by improper spine position during sleep.

So, there is another reason why it is very important to choose a comfortable mattress that will give you a proper body position during the night, which will distribute the body weight evenly across the surface, through which the air flows freely to ventilate and which hardness matches your needs and habits during sleep.

After a long tiring day, all we truly need and deserve is a good night’s rest. None can deny the revitalizing effect of deep slumber. Research proves that sound sleep has the potential to optimize the regenerating power of our bodies.

Poor sleep quality not only declines our productivity but also weakens our body. That is why a comfy mattress is vital for our well being. According to a 2011 survey,  92% of Americans think a right mattress is crucial for good night’s sleep.

By Mike Souheil,

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it’s now easier than ever to find a great quality model that you can customize.

Well, let’s get going

When we say comfortable mattress, we mean that it is easily adaptable to the human body, has an elastic core, provides complete relaxation of all muscles, does not disturb circulation and does not cause pain in muscles and joints and after all returns to its original position when a person gets out of bed.

Nowadays, all this is achieved by making mattresses from various types of foam. They are often made of several layers of different types of foam, while some mattresses feature a layer of natural coconut fibers. This ensures good support and proper ventilation of the mattress itself.

There are also spring mattresses on the market that can also be molded to your body and provide ultimate comfort.

Many mattresses can turn, too. That way you can get two hardness levels for the same mattress.

For a twin bed, you can choose a two-piece model because the partner often has different needs for the durability and characteristics of the mattress.

Remember to pay attention to the cover as well. Many foam mattresses have covers that can be removed and washed. Washing the cover removes dust mites and creates a clean sleeping environment.

When choosing mattress, consider the following:

With a little information, it is not difficult to choose the right piece

Check the dimensions of the bed and look at the piece that suits you.

Look for it to be anatomical and orthopedic, provide the body support you need in exactly the right places and be comfortable while lying on it.

Choose an anti-allergy model if you have allergy problems, even if you don’t have one. The most common allergens are dust mites and dust that collect in the mattress, so choose mattresses that have good protection against microorganisms.

It should be easily maintained, that the cover is removed and washed in the machine.

Notice the hardness of the mattress based on the position occupied by the body during sleep.

If you are sleeping on your stomach, choose a harder mattress that will not allow your stomach to fall into it during sleep and thusspineincurvation.

If you sleep on your back, choose mattresses with reinforcement on the neck and lower spine. The mattress should touch the lower back. If the lower back is not in full contact with the mattress, the mattress is too stiff.

In the case of sleeping on the side, choose a model with several hardness zones so that the shoulders and thighs sink sufficiently and the spine remains straight and should not bend up or down.

Choose the thickness that suits your body. The higher the mattress, the more comfortable it is.

It needs to have thermoregulatory properties and does not retain odors. If you sweat a lot, choose mattresses with good ventilation properties.

Preferably, it has antistatic properties to regulate electrostatic electricity.

For those who already have a comfortable mattress

If your mattress is still in good shape and you want even more comfortable sleep, you can get a mattress topper that is made of memory foam that easily adjusts to the position and temperature of the body, making sure that you do not feel the surface of the mattress during sleep, but only the comfort of memory foam that wraps body part against the bed.

Also, a mattress topper will extend the life of your mattress. This is especially important if you have set aside a solid amount of money for a quality piece.

Besides, the mattress topper supports your body’s pressure points, covers the mattress and improves sleep quality, protects the mattress from moisture and damage and also increases durability and maintains its shape.

It is good to replace the top layer of your tray every few years. This way you avoid the accumulation of dust mites and dust. If you only use a basic mattress, it can be quite expensive. Some models of toppers are washable, which is very practical for maintaining hygiene and much cheaper than completely replacing the main mattress or the whole bed.

So, using a topper has multiple benefits that will not only make your body grateful, but also your wallet.

This may be the case, for example, if you made a mistake of choosing and buying a basic mattress, or may have gained or lost weight over time. A well-chosen overhang can help in both situations.

The mattress toppers provide a high level of comfort and can even mitigate the disadvantages of a too hard or too hot mattress, as well as a long-lasting piece that no longer perform its function as before.

In this case, it is not necessary to purchase the basic one again, as the old piece can become new by simply adding the appropriate mattress toppers.

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