Center tables for living rooms: Best tips

You will agree: Living spaces are unimaginable without center tables for living rooms.

If you’ve ever tried that, you’ve probably concluded that it is ridiculously difficult. You just need it, you need a place to put down your TV remote, so you can always know where is it. But you also need a place to put down your coffee mug, your teacup, and other things that you use daily.

You also need it when you have friends and family coming over. Because you don’t want to be in a situation where you have a lot of people in your living room and you don’t have space to bring out all of that delicious food you’ve prepared.

A center table should be a centerpiece of every living room, something that will spice up the whole concept, but also something that is practical and can suit all your needs.

With a great center table, you are going to give a personal touch to your living room and make a pleasant environment, where you will enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

The best part about a center table in living room is that it can be in so many different shapes, sizes and designs, that it’s going to be difficult for you to choose which one you want.

First of all, you need to decide what do you really want and what do you really need, and will that go well together with the rest of your furniture.

Characteristics of center tables for living rooms

There are many different sizes and dimensions of center tables for living rooms, some of them are really low, and some of them are fairly high. The height of the table should be based on your needs, and a higher table means that you will easily reach all of the things that are on it.

The size of the table depends on the spare space you have in your living room, and of course your preferences. If you are having a lot of people coming over to your house frequently, you will want to buy a bigger table, so that it doesn’t get crowded. But if you are living alone, or you don’t have a habit of inviting people over, maybe a small table would be a perfect choice for you.

If you have a small living room you should avoid getting a big table. A better choice is always a small and lightweight table as center table in living room or maybe folding ones for smaller spaces or coffee table in small living room. This is important since with an enormous table in a small room you are risking to make the room visually even smaller.

If you have a big living room, then you can let your imagination work and choose a table that you like the most. Depending on the style of your living room and the design of other furniture, you can choose between massive center tables for living rooms, lighter models, models with glass, etc…

The options are endless, if you prefer classic design you can decide on a traditional wooden table, or if your living room is decorated in a minimalistic style you can have a minimalistic table, without any decoration or a glass table that can really be eye-pleasing.

For those that love to experiment there are a lot of interesting modern center tables for living rooms that look like they are out of this planet, and for those keen on the industrial design you can find great center tables made out of steel frame and rustic wood tabletop.

The positions of center tables for living rooms

It is natural to place your club table in the center of your living room and to surround it with your sofa and armchairs. If you want to experiment a little bit you can place the table next to your sofa and see if that would be practical for you.

The color of center table

The basic approach is to choose the color that will go with the rest of your furniture. It doesn’t need to go with every piece that you have, but it always looks good if it is combined with something else.

While that is a common thing people do, you don’t need to do it like that. If you find a center table and you fell in love with it but it doesn’t go with anything else that you have, you can still buy it. It can turn out perfect because what way the club table will certainly be the centerpiece and something that will draw people to it.

The center table material

Just like with the color there are a few approaches you can use. You can buy something that will look great with the rest of your furniture, or rather something that will stand out.

The good thing is that there are many materials you can choose from, wood, plexiglass, steel, glass, and a combination of those materials. There are even tables made out of mirrors, that look marvelous.

The most important thing when choosing the material is that it should be practical. Think about maintenance and cleaning. If you don’t have enough time, and you work a lot, you don’t want a club table made out of a material that easily gets dirty and that you need to clean few times a day. The beautiful mirror tables are looking very luxurious, but they get dirty very easily, and they are not always practical at all.

You also want to choose something that is made out of quality material and that won’t break down or be damaged easily.

Decoration for center table in living room

A club or center table needs a bit of a special touch to be perfect. You can easily do that with a few decorative things, that will make your table more pleasing and also more practical.

If you have a garden you can easily have fresh flowers on your table every day, and if they are placed in an interesting vase everything will be picture perfect. But if you don’t have a garden or an opportunity of buying fresh flowers every day, there are artificial flowers that look almost like the real ones.

Scented candles are always a great touch, they look lovely and you can always light them up when you want to make a special atmosphere.

A decorative plate is a great addition on your center table in living room because you can add small things to it that will elevate the whole look of the table, or just use it for storing things that you use every day. Whatever you end up choosing, be sure it best suits your needs, that it is practical if you are spending a lot of time in your living room, and that it looks good, because you and your guests will always gather around it.

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