Best Home Cinema Family Seatings – 3 picks for 2020.

There are not many things better than watching a good movie in a theater if you are a movie lover. But one of the better things is watching a good movie in your home cinema. You have your own quiet and peaceful space, you don’t have to put up with other people that talk loud while the movie is going, or are doing other rude and unpleasant things. Also, you can always play the movie you want, which is great.

So, if you are looking to build a home theater, the most important thing you need to purchase is the theater seating set. Without a good seating set, you won’t feel the specific experience and you won’t be satisfied. And with a good one, you will want to organize a movie marathon, and you wouldn’t want to stop at just one movie.

There isn’t anything more comfortable than theater seats for watching movies, and you will see that your regular armchair or your sofa is just not up for that task. And they are also a great way for you to spend more time with your family, friends and your loved ones.

Like with many similar things there are a lot of available sets in the market, and you can get a bit of confused when searching for the best one. So we decided to help you and we reviewed 3 best sets that you can find, and we are sure that one of them will be your perfect match for your home cinema. It’s important to notice that these theater seating sets are a bit expensive, but they are definitely worth the money and they all have the best customer reviews, 4 out of 5 stars and more.

1. Octane Seating Octane Charger XS300 Leather Home Theater Recliner Set

cinema seat snack tray

This family theater seating set comes from the Octane Seating company, which is a great company that has customers comfort as their priority. And this set has exceptional lower lumbar and head support. With this set, you can build a great home theater and make a special atmosphere for the whole family. The seats are comfortable and have memory foam in the seat cushions. They can recline which will provide you an even better experience than you can get in the theater. Once you sit in one of these, you will not be able to leave.

The material is bonded leather and it’s easy to clean. But if you want your leather to last more than a couple of years you will need to take care of it and to apply special creams for leather. To some that can be a bit annoying or time-consuming, but if you want a good looking seat after a couple of years, you will need to do that. There are cup holders in the seats so everyone can put their drinks in, or even their phones. Another thing that is important to mention is that they are reclined manually, which can get a bit difficult sometimes, because of the parachute handle.

All in all, considering the price and the quality this is a great set and can be the perfect addition to your home theater.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 117″ x 39″ x 42″
  • Bonded Leather
  • Lower Lumbar and Head Support
  • Cup Holders
  • Memory Foam
Super comfortable; Quality leather; Great size

Manual recline

2. Home Theater Recliner Sectional Sofa with Storage and Cup Holders

cinema seat snack tray

If we had to give an award for the best looking seating set, it would be for this one. It’s not only beautiful, but it is also comfortable, and functional. You can easily adjust it and recline it the way you want. The style is different than the regular sets because it has a center loveseat and two separate chairs on the sides, which is interesting, but also practical.

With the set, you get 2 trays where you can place your snack, a plate with food, or your drinks. There are also 2 hidden compartments in the arms of the chairs, where you can put all your snacks. When it comes to drinks there are also 4 cup holders, where you can put your favorite drink, and don’t worry about spilling it. The soft cushions will make your whole experience even better and you will feel more than comfortable while watching your favorite TV show or movie.

This set is great if you often invite friends to come over for a movie night in your home cinema, or you just love to watch movies with your family. The only thing that you need to be careful with is that you don’t fall asleep, because of the comfiness.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 143.3″ x 40″ x 39.9″
  • 4 Cup Holders
  • 2 Trays
  • 2 Hidden Compartments
Good looking; Great size for tall people; Comfortable

Need extra room to fully recline

3. Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating

cinema seat snack tray

The last set on our list, but certainly not the least is this Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating. This is the best home cinema family seating on our list. It has the best customer reviews, but also it’s the priciest. The best part about this set is that you can choose how many chairs you want, you can have a row of 2, 3, 4, or 5, and you can choose if you want to have a loveseat or you don’t want it.

There is a control system with which you can control the motorized recline mechanisms, and it’s really easy to use. There is an option to use all of the reclining functions simultaneously, but you can also use them individually. With just a button press you can easily return the chair to its standard position.

Good additions are the LED cupholders and ambient base lighting, but that can sometimes be a distraction during movie time. The chairs are made out of good quality material, premium leather, that will last long.

 If you are looking for the best home theater experience, and you are ready to splurge, this is the best choice you can make. Your friends and family will love it, and you will organize movie nights more often once you install this set.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 124” x 46” x 32.5”
  • Cup Holders
  • LED Ambient Base Lighting
  • Unique Style
  • Premium Quality Leather
  • Motorized Recline Mechanism
Extremely comfortable; Easy assembly; You can choose how many chairs you want in a row

High price


Whichever set you choose you will certainly enjoy it, and you will want to make a tradition of movie nights in your home cinema because they are so comfortable that you will want to use them non stop. There are some things that you need to consider before buying a theater seating set, so you don’t end up with something that will not suit your needs.

Always think twice about the number of seats you need, if you have a big family, or you plan on inviting a lot of friends for movie nights, then you will need a set with more chairs, or you will need to buy more than one row. But if your family is smaller, or you have just a few people that you would invite, then there is no need for buying extra seats. Other things you should consider are the features and compartments because they will add to your comfort and all in all experience.

With this said, you just need to make a list of the things you want and the things you need, and choose a great set from this list we’ve made for you. You won’t be disappointed and we wish you exciting and fun movie nights in the home theater.

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