Best desks for working from home – 6 picks for 2020.

Sometimes it’s easier when you work for someone and you work from an office because you don’t need to think about office equipment. You get everything that you need and you’re good to go.

But when you do home work part time or full time, and you have an office that you need to equip, and you need to do it all alone, things can become a little bit difficult.

You sure will agree with that?

One of the most important things if you’re working as a freelancer that you need a desk if you have workspace in your home. Maybe you’ve tried working without one, but you’ve certainly concluded that it’s just too hard. It is because a desk is the centerpiece of any office, whether it is a regular one or a home office.

And above all, finding the right desk will help you do your work most comfortably, and as a result of that your back, your spine, and your health will be better.

What are the best desks for working from home?

The market is enormous and therefore many options are available and sometimes you just get lost in all of them. You don’t know what to choose from, what’s worth it, and what will best suit your needs.

So for you to not get lost again, we have made a list of the best computer desks for home workers, and we guarantee you that you will find what you’ve been looking for. These desks are specially designed for those that spend hours working as a freelancer on a computer, they are durable, ergonomic and most likely you’ll be more productive while using them.

All the models shown here are some of the best desks for working from home with the best buyer review scores, and we’ve put them into, let’s say, three categories for you: Money no object, Best Value and On budget.

1. ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk – Maybe the best desk for working from home in this list

Best standing desks amazon

The ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is one of the best computer desks in the market. It will look great in every office and your workspace will be even more elegant with this desk as a centerpiece. You can choose from various colors and designs, matte and glossy.

Because of the design, you don’t need to worry about not having enough space. You’ll be able to put your computer, monitors, laptop, and any other necessary and unnecessary thing on it.

This desk has a motor and an electric height adjustable lift system, making it perfect for those who love to work while standing. The desk can easily move from 29″ to 48″, and what’s most noteworthy is that it has a 6-button programmable controller with a customizable presets for different desk heights, perfect for those who love to switch from sitting to standing more than few times a day.

And what’s most important is the fact that the frame is made out of industrial-grade steel and it can support up to 225 lbs. The only downside that we can think of is the assembly because some have complained about how it was a bit hard to assemble this desk and you should know that there is no cable management. You will have to find a solution for all of your cables alone, or you can buy a cable tray to fix that problem.

Key Features:

  • 71″x33″x1″ contoured desktop
  • Electric height adjustable lift system that moves the desk from 29″ to 48″
  • 6-button programmable controller
  • 4 customizable presets for the desk heights you wish
  • It can support up to 225 lbs including the top
Fast transition from sitting to stand mode; Ergonomic design; Very sturdy

Can be a bit difficult to assembly; No cable management; Can be a bit wobbly when it’s set on the highest

2. ApexDesk Flex Series 60″ Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk – 2nd best desk for working from home

standing desks amazon

Another model from this great company, the ApexDesk Flex Series 60″ Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk made it to into our list and it was well deserved. Because it’s the same manufacturer as for the previous desk on our list, this one has some similarities as the previous one.

The difference is in the design, and this one is a bit simpler when it comes to the looks. The simplicity of the design doesn’t make it less elegant than the previous desk. This one will also fit perfectly in many offices and you can choose from a smooth matte and glossy finish.

Like with the previous one this model also has an electric height adjustable lift system and can change from sit to stand very fast. This desk can easily move from 25″ to 51″ (with top), which means that it can go a bit higher than the previous model. It has a 6-button programmable memory controller with 4 presets that can be customizable for your desired heights of the desk.

It has plenty of space for all your work-related things, your monitors, computer, or your laptop, and the industrial-grade steel frame can support up to 225 lbs. This is a great desk if you are spending a lot of time glued to your computer and you would love to stand more than you’re sitting. This way you will be able to be more gentle towards your spine and your whole body.

Key Features:

  • 59.5″x29″x1″ desktop
  • Electric height adjustable lift system that moves the desk from 25″ to 51″
  • 6-button programmable controller
  • 4 customizable presets for the desk heights you wish
  • It can support up to 225 lbs including the top
Fast transition from sitting to stand mode; Very sturdy; Variety of colors to choose from

Can become noisy after some time

3. SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk – Best value if you’re working as a freelancer

Best standing desks amazon

If you are still not prepared to give a huge amount of money for a new desk, we totally understand. And if you still want to have a healthier posture and to be able to stand while working, we’ve prepared two models that are in the category Best value, and this is one of them. The SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk is a great adjustable desk that will certainly suit your needs, but it won’t burn your pockets.

It can easily transition from 28″ to 46″ with a fully motorized electric lift system, and in just seconds you will no longer be sitting. As a result, you will be standing and working, and your spine will be grateful to you. Under the desktop, there is a digital display with 4 memory preset options where you can customize your adjustments. This is a good thing considering that this feature is present with desks that cost double and more than this one.

The frame is sturdy enough and it will hold your things in place, so you don’t have to worry. Something great is that this desk has great cable management, and the desktop has a place for all your cords. The desk comes in three colors, and it can fit perfectly into any home office, whether it’s a modern office or a traditional one. The most beautiful color design is oak wood.

Key Features:

  • 47″Wx24″Dx28-46″H
  • Electric height adjustable lift system that moves the desk from 28″ to 46″
  • 4 customizable presets customizing adjustments
  • Available grommets for organizing cords
  • Made out of high-grade industrial steel
Affordable; Easy to assembly; Sturdy enough; Good cable management

Shakes if you type too aggressively when in the standing position; Motor sometimes makes weird sounds

4. EleTab Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desk – Another one in best value category

Best amazon desks

Another desk in our Best value category that will be great for you if you are looking for an ergonomic desk and a solution for a better posture, but you really don’t have a whole lot of money to spend. This model is really good for many reasons and first of all, it’s because it’s relatively cheap, it’s an adjustable desk, so you can work while standing, and the design is good.

The main reason why this desk doesn’t cost a fortune is that it’s manual, which means that it uses a crank system, and you need to manually adjust the height. This may seem like something annoying and something that you won’t like to do every day, but that won’t be the case. The system is pretty simple and you can easily adjust the desired height, and you won’t even break a sweat.

The height can go from 29″ to 47.6″ which is good, and the construction is stable even when in stand mode. Even if it seems like too much work, the best part about the crank system is that it doesn’t get easily broken like the digital height adjustment systems, which means longer life span.

The only big downside, and probably the reason for the cheap price is the fact that in this price is only the frame included, which means you need to add a desktop, which can go up to 55.1″x23.6″. But if you are not bothered with this, and you are feeling crafty or you have a desktop lying around your house, waiting for the next project, then this is a great opportunity. Or you can always buy the desktop from this manufacturer.

Another downside and something that many had a problem with is the assembly. Many had difficulties assembling this desk, because of poorly written instructions.

Key Features:

  • Height range from 29″ to 47.6″
  • Scratch-resistant steel frame
  • Recommended for desktop measured 55.1″x23.6″
  • Crank system
Affordable; Longer life because of the lack of electronic components; Sturdy; Easy adjustment using the crank system

It doesn’t come with a desktop; Difficult to assembly, due to bad instructions

5. Sturdy Writing Desk, Coleshome, Teak – If you working as a freelancer and you’re on budget

amazon desks

The first desk in our On budget category is this Sturdy Writing Desk, Coleshome, Teak. This desk can be used for many things, and if you need a computer desk for your office, but you don’t need anything fancy or you just don’t want to spend a lot of money on a desk, this is a great option. Some say that less is more, and that can be definitely said for this desk.

The metal legs are keeping the desk stable and the desktop is made out of anti-scratch and waterproof MDF material. But you should be aware of the price, and you shouldn’t expect a desk that is as sturdy as a desk that costs almost ten times more. You can easily fit your computer, laptop, maybe even two monitors and other things that are essential for your workspace.

Another great thing about the design of the metal frame is that you will always have enough room for your legs or space for storage, like your PC, or similar things. The design is simple, and the desk comes in four colors, which is a plus because it can be easily incorporated in any office, both modern ones and traditional ones.

And if you want to change it up a little bit you can always upgrade this desk, or decorate it to make it more pleasant. Also, this model is perfect if you have a small office or your workspace.

Key Features:

  • Desk panel dimensions 47″x24″
  • Desk height 29″
  • Simple design
  • It has adjustable leg pads, triangular brackets, and extra steel brackets
Very easy to assembly; Enough space on the desktop; Cheap price

Too simple design; The material of the desktop is thin; Can be a bit wobbly

6. Folding Laptop Table for Home Office – If you do home work part time only

home work part time on amazon desks

The final model in our On budget category is this Folding Laptop Table for Home Office. First of all, we need to say that this is one of the most favorite items based on the review of customers because many were delighted with this desk. And there are many reasons for that, first being the easy assembly, or should we say no assembly.

While with many desks you need to have the right tools, you need to read the instruction, you fail a few times before you get everything right, and with this one, you just have one step. When you get the desk you need to take it out of the box, open the frame and put the desktop part onto it, and that’s it. There are no additional steps that you need to do because the desk is ready to be used.

The design is also a big plus with this model because it looks surprisingly cool and modern. It surely looks more expensive than it is, and you can easily fit it in any office and workspace. It can go divinely with an industrial styled office, but it can fit great in a traditional one also.

This desk is a great purchase if you are moving a lot, for the reason that you can easily fold it and carry it where ever you go. Besides the easy assembly, and the stylish looks, this desk is also sturdy and made out of good material.

An important thing that you need to know about this desk is that it is sturdy, but it won’t hold a lot of things. So it would be perfect for your laptop, and a few necessary office things.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions 39.4″x19.7″x29.5″
  • Extremely easy assembly
  • Easy to fold, move around and take anywhere with you
  • Incredible industrial design
Affordable price; Easy assembly; Portable; Looks great

It can’t hold a lot of weight; The desktop material is not the best quality


Whether you are buying an electric height adjustable standing desk, or the mechanical one with the crank system, or you just want a plain and simple desk, there are some things that you need to know before buying one.

First, you need to look at your workspace, take a good look at your office and try to visualize a desk that you would like to see there. Once you’ve managed to figure out what style you want, you need to measure your space. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’ve ordered a desk too big or too small, and as a result of your ignorance, you need to send it back.

When you get the measurements out of your way, you need to think twice about the model that you want and remember to always choose something that is good quality, and something that will last you for at least a couple of years.

Another important thing you should always consider is your health and your well-being, and a good desk that’s ergonomic enough, along with an equally good work chair, can affect that.

In the end, we hope we helped you, at least a little, to choose best desk for working from home.

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