Bedroom decorating for good sleep and a better life

Every season is the perfect time for decorating your bedroom because this is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. The bedroom is the most challenging room because that is the place where you will spend most of your life, especially the nights. You have to make a peaceful and serene oasis, a cozy and intimate space separated from all views.

Decorating the bedroom causes a lot of dilemmas, what furniture to choose, what colors to put in the room and finally how to blend it all to create a harmonious and romantic whole.

All young couples should know that the double bed is the central part of the bedroom and, as such, occupies a special place in the decoration of the bedroom, based on its selected bedspreads, linens, decorative pillows and curtains, and all these elements should fit.

Certain tips may be the basic rules when decorating a bedroom. Keep in mind that the chaotic look of the bedroom comes with an exaggerated detail of different patterns and colors. For all newlyweds setting up their intimate space for the first time, we give tips that can help with the bedroom.

Sleep is the force multiplier for life; without the right amount of quality sleep, it’s very difficult to take care of the other key aspects of health – mental health, energy, body composition, digestion and fitness…

By Leanne Spencer,

8 Bedroom decorating tips:

1. Bedroom style

Choose a bedroom style. Whether you want a traditional romantic look or a modern futuristic or minimalist style. Traditional means the use of beds, cabinets made of solid wood, while the modern design adheres to curved lines and furniture made of media panels or metal.

2. Colors of the walls

Be sure to turn the walls of the bedroom into lighter shades of white, light beige or some other gentle soothing shades to achieve harmony in the bedroom. Neutral tones provide a good base for further color combinations. You achieve smoothness by adding purple and lavender. Grayscale gives the room a sophisticated and modern look. Red, pink, yellow and orange will add a warm note of energy, gray, blue, lilac, and green a soothing romantic note.

Do not mix more than one color in the bedroom, let one color prevail and the other 3 should complement it. Suggestions for color dominance in the bedroom are different shades of blue, green and ocher.

3. Space organization

Place the double bed in the middle of the room with the headboard against the wall. You can choose an upholstered double bed with a larger headboard to comfortably sit and read at bedtime. You can also choose a round bed.

Sliding door closets with as much free space to accommodate the wardrobe as the room is shared by two people. Since women have much more wardrobe, it is necessary to make enough space for their nicer half to accommodate wardrobe, purse, jewelry and other decorative items.

4. Chose appropriate bedding & blankets

After choosing a bed, you choose linens, decorative blankets, and decorative pillows. We suggest blending color shades. With decorative pillows, you give your double bed a completely different look. Choose interesting bright colors and you will refresh the look of the bedroom.

For your quality sleep, besides a comfortable pillow and mattress, equally important is the linen, which should be made of the quality and natural materials. The patterns of the material range from monochrome, colorful, to stripes or diamonds. There is a great choice, and it is up to you to decide what you like best and what you like best because you will sleep peacefully tucked in your bedding.

The materials used to make the sheets are cotton, crepe, satin. Quality linen will give you a comfortable and peaceful sleep. The most famous natural material is cotton, it is the highest quality and most sought after because it provides healthy and quality sleep. There are combinations of cotton with silk satin, lace, damask. The colorful patterns are very attractive and look very warm.

Linens made from natural materials are easy to maintain, washable at high temperatures and easy to iron. When choosing bedding for your room, quality is the most important thing, and then the design, because they should be a nice detail for the room. In quality bedding, the skin will breathe freely and freely, which is important for your healthy sleep.

5. Interesting decoration

Decorate the head of your double bed by setting up photo wallpaper, a wall sticker, a larger or more composite of a couple of art paintings, frames with photos of loved ones and destinations, interesting decorative mirrors of multiple pieces arranged in a specific order, or installing wall shelves with books, jewelry boxes and some frame with shared photos.

Do not make a bedroom circus using many different shades of style. Match the color of the decorative elements so that they are in a similar tone.

6. Curtains

Choose the curtain to match the colors in the bedroom. Make it a lighter shade to let in more daylight, with darker drapes to darken the room with during the afternoon nap. You have beautiful trendy curtains of different patterns on the market. Choose a unique lighter color to blend in with all the shades in the bedroom.

7. Floors

The floor should be wooden and well preserved, you do not need to cover it with carpets. If you just want a smaller carpet, you can put it in front of the double bed or solve the problem by laying paths around the double bed and at the closets.

8. Different type of tables

In the bedroom, you can have a dressing table where you can store jewelry and makeup, or you can put 2 nights tables on every side of the bed where you can put a lamp, or book you are reading These are some basic rules, for bedroom refreshment, you can choose bright color details that will change the look of the room.

We hope that we have at least helped you with your bedroom decorating tips.

The best advice is to be guided by your intuition, following your preferences, following the above tips do not overdo it in decorating and applying patterns and colors.

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